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Small businesses, huge brands, and everything in between stand to benefit from e-commerce website design and development services. 

eCommerce Marketing Consultant

If your business plan involves selling your products or services online, you’re in the right place! The Art of Business is a leading digital marketing agency based in Calgary, ready to fill your business’s e-commerce website design and development needs.

As your strategic marketing partner, we’ll use our website design and development expertise to create a high-performing, gorgeous-looking, SEO-optimized e-commerce website that will help make your business blossom. Keep reading to see how The Art of Business used our e-commerce website design and development skills for one of our partners!

See how this progressive brand flourished with our e-commerce website design and development services

Beautiful products and a fun brand. We have loved seeing the momentum produced by this family-owned business. Growing a brand from square one – helping with the strategy for wholesale, eCommerce website development and in-person markets, we have seen exponential growth in all channels for this client.

Marketing strategy, email marketing, brand development, art direction, e-commerce website design and e-commerce website development, marketing collateral, social media, paid advertising, lead generation, print materials, sales pitches for markets and more…

“The Art of Business has been instrumental to Meraki Movement.
The Team was incredible with our eCommerce website development, and they take care of all of our in-person and online marketing. Our business would never have been the success it is today without the team’s dedicated service and incredible talent.” —Heather, Meraki Movement Partner

Is an e-commerce website what your business needs to thrive?

Like other websites, e-commerce websites provide visitors with important information about a business. The difference is that with an e-commerce website, businesses can also process orders, take payments, and manage shipping.

If you need to create an effective e-commerce website, why not get in touch with an e-commerce website development expert? The Art of Business has years of experience developing e-commerce websites on many e-commerce website platforms, including:


WordPress (WooCommerce)



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our eCommerce design and development service offers you an intuitive and seamless customer experience on the web. Our service includes pinpointing and addressing any potential pain points in the user journey, while ensuring your website is consistent with your brand identity.

When you invest in eCommerce website design and development, you reap the benefits of an optimized customer journey and improved website performance. Our processes are designed to provide you with positive results quickly as we work hand-in-hand with you to identify and reach your goals.

Yes! To maximize the success of your eCommerce website, we typically recommend additional services such as digital marketing and SEO optimization. We’ll work with you to build a comprehensive and tailored web presence and to ensure your goals are met.

Let our award-winning marketing agency in Calgary handle the technical aspects of the e-commerce website design and development process.

Use our expertise in e-commerce website design, branding, and content strategy to help your e-commerce website succeed!