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about the art of business

About The Art of business

The Art of Business is a full-stack marketing agency based in Calgary that offers digital marketing services in the USA, Canada, and beyond. Since being founded by Amanda in 2017, The Art of Business has helped numerous businesses level up their marketing game with effective marketing strategies that are skilfully executed by a handpicked team of marketing experts. The results have been so great that – thanks to our clients’ reviews – The Art of Business was listed among the top 70 leading women-owned agencies in the world in 2021, and The Art of Business continues its trend of doubling revenue year after year.

Meet Amanda

Amanda Nelson

Founder and CEO at The Art Of Business

The art of B core Values

The Art of B Core Values

Love what you do

When people are in a role they love, they are passionate about their work and what is produced is hard to match. When we provide our digital marketing services to clients, our passion for the projects we’re involved in reflects in our work. Take a look at our portfolio to see what we’re capable of and the amazing outcomes of our work so far! We develop results-oriented marketing tactics and consistently create high-quality marketing content to generate effective business growth for our clients and propel our clients’ businesses to success. After all, as your strategic marketing partner, your success is our success!
Work hard

We recognize that our clients work hard for their businesses, so when you partner with our Calgary-based marketing agency, our digital marketing experts will also work hard for your business. We’ll work with you to create effective marketing strategies and plans perfectly suited to your business and goals. When it comes to the execution of these plans, we’ve got you covered! We can design and develop your website, manage your social media, create marketing collateral, carefully curate your brand and much more. Our team’s hard work and efforts were recently recognized; check out this article to see some of our certifications!
Speak Up

The Art of Business team is made up of over 20 marketing experts that are handpicked by our CEO. That’s a lot of high-level talent at our clients’ fingertips! We strive to foster creativity at all levels of our work and encourage team members to cultivate and share new ideas. When developing and implementing marketing campaigns, pairing our technical marketing expertise with originality results in a final product that makes our clients stand out from the competition. Our focus is on offering innovative and modern marketing services that help you reach your objectives and help your business bloom. Check out this review (and others) to see how we’re making that happen for our clients: “Amanda & her team are amazing! They always have such creative ideas and make my visions come true…” - Jalene S.
Be Prepared To Grow

Digital marketing comprises many components like social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click advertising, to name a few. Our marketing experts use their different skills and marketing backgrounds to create well-rounded marketing campaigns for our clients and support each other's professional development. We thrive on seeing our clients and the marketing experts on our team succeed. The digital marketing world is constantly evolving, so keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends is a necessity. Our readiness to grow and evolve shapes our modern approach to marketing which helps our client’s businesses flourish over time.
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Our biggest philosophies

It’s true – our team really does love what we do! Our passion for marketing helps ensure that we’re on top of trends and have the knowledge necessary to help your business flourish. We’re able to provide top-quality digital marketing services so that you can meet your marketing objectives.

At The Art of Business, our goal is to help our clients grow. That’s true whether the client is a startup, a large corporation, or something in between.We’ll work with you to define goals, determine the focus of our marketing efforts, track progress, and increase the effectiveness of our approach.

Common team qualities at The Art of Business are a hard work ethic, speaking up with new ideas, and being prepared to grow in education and experience. You can be sure that our team has the skill and the dedication to take your business to the next level, whatever size your company is and wherever you are in your marketing journey. 

We take risks, we love to learn, and we thrive when our clients win.

One of the biggest philosophies here at The Art of Business is to do what you love.

Our Services

Our Services

The Art of Business is invested in the growth of your business and has a highly skilled team of marketing professionals, allowing our marketing agency to put an emphasis on utilizing all of your marketing potential. We’ve found that individual marketing services aren’t enough to help a business truly flourish over time, so we offer our clients a multi-faceted approach to marketing. The digital marketing services we offer are carefully spliced together to help you hit your goals. Using a combination of traditional and digital marketing techniques, we craft detailed, strategic plans that result in effective growth for our clients.