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What is Your Comfort Zone ?

Guest Post Written By Arielle Minicozzi Figueroa

I have pondered this thought for quite some time and there are a few common scenarios that I have noticed through my observation.

  • Staying in the same job for 30 years.
  • Being satisfied with what you know.
  • Having an established daily routine.
  • Having the same types of conversation with those that you interact with.

In other words, being in your comfort zone is one where a person feels safe.  A place where one knows what to expect with very few surprises along the way.

But upon reflecting deeper into a person’s comfort zone and through observations from the past and present, it goes much deeper than what we see in front of us.

Our comfort zone is about the lack of trust in ourselves.

But how can this be?

Well, I have observed that when a person allows any form of abuse, it is not because they don’t have the strength or support to remove themselves from the situation. I have observed that those with PTSD or anxiety that are unable to move is not because it is harder or more challenging to heal.

I have observed that those that continually look for a new job is not because they are trying to find satisfaction, happiness or more money. (Although that is what they say to themselves and others.)

And I have also observed people who have big goals go full speed ahead and run the gamut of trying different methods and modalities only to wonder why success is elusive.

The reason these people remain in this cycle or pattern is that this is their comfort zone and it is all they know.

This is ‘safe’ for them because if they were to step out of this comfort zone it would require them to do things differently, learn new ways and most of all face who they are. And most of all, to trust.

There are methods and modalities available that attempt to help overcome these obstacles such as self improvement classes, counseling or setting up strategies. But, what all these modalities and methods lack is for the person to understand who they are without judgement and expectations from themselves and others.

Current traditional methods also place other peoples experiences or expertise on the person as well as emphasizes that the person should be compared according to certain standardized models and paradigms without any emphasis on trust in oneself.

So…how do you want to move out of your comfort zone?

What is commonly done when a person is in their comfort zone, is when a person remains at their same job as it feels comfortable.  It is also when a person stays where they are at because it feels safe. This is what you know.

What all these situations have in common is that there is no trust in the self to step outside and venture outside of this comfort zone.  The not knowing of what will happen next as we step out of this circle of safety.

When this occurs, the shell of self-identity, the ego, remains at a standstill without movement, without evolving.

This is where the Ego Evolution program comes into play.

To discover and explore this comfort zone.

To understand what stops you from moving forward to a deeper awareness of your self identity.

I have always felt that self improvement or self-development did not go deep enough to reach for what we desire to change.

There was always something missing.


Jerilyn Ito

Jerilyn has the gift to walk you through the seemingly intangible realm of the Heart Voice that she calls Echoteric. Her genius is the ability to guide you through the process of breaking down the complexity and sparking intuition so that you can create tangible ideas and concepts for your life, work or business. Working with Jerilyn leads you to an intellectual understanding of your inner language and purpose whilst grounding your “learning and thoughts” to bring in practical wisdom. Jerilyn has a magical energy that activates the same kind of calm you connect to when you hear the true voices of your intuition in action. To work with Jerilyn, you will need to look deep inside of you, all the while knowing that she is there to guide you with truth and her heart.

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