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Grow Your Business With The New IGTV Series, "The Seed"

Written By The Art of Business Content Team

Which seeds will you plant this year to help grow your business? The Art of Business recently began dishing out a new IGTV series called “The Seed” in hopes of giving fresh ideas to startups and small businesses like yours that are ready to thrive. 



Oftentimes, businesses start wilting because they are not getting enough “water” to survive. You might find yourself stuck, plateaued, or even seemingly moving backwards when it comes to marketing and finances. 

We put our hearts and souls into creating “The Seed” to help you avoid these struggles and, instead, grow your business successfully.


“The Seed” is a bite-sized video series in which we share current techniques for business growth and present practical strategies we’ve learned over the years. But “The Seed” doesn’t just give you the knowledge you need to grow your business, it’s meant for you to learn with us, too!

You see, growth is never a one-sided affair. It’s a collaboration of experiences and minds. It’s a joint effort with you, our wonderful audience! “The Seed” is also your go-to for the latest marketing trends when it comes to ALL elements of business success. 



Why else did we create “The Seed?” It’s no secret that video continues to play a huge role in brand awareness. This is the reason for video marketing 72% of the time in instances when businesses adopt the growing practice. 

It’s definitely why all major social media platforms have recently focused on boosting their video offerings. You, the audience, love being educated, and we love to share what we know because it brings us immense joy to help you grow your business.

We’re also hoping to build a community of successful business owners who can exchange ideas on our platform. It’s all about making conversation and delivering value to you in one easy-to-consume package — “The Seed.”



So who are the beautiful brains behind this amazing project? It’s everyone you’ve already come to know and love, of course! You will see our Head Honcho, Amanda, sharing her incredible expertise on content strategy and so much more. 

Edward, our Evoker of Dreams, helps turn you into a graphics pro like he is. Jordan, our Administrator of First Impressions, shares her organizational hacks. And Tiara, our Conversation Architect, wows with her copywriting know-hows.

Karla, our Project Whisperer, always smashes it with her techniques on marketing strategies. Meanwhile, Alice, our Money Maestro, gives you all the tools you need to see that green coming in!

We’re also thrilled for you to meet new team members Rachel, our Storyteller Extraordinaire; Megan, our Design Slayer; Kristel, our 3-Language Spelling Enthusiast; Jaimie-lee, our Copy Crusher; Laurie, the Rainmaker; Jayden, our Social Investor; and Sierah, our Social Sensei.

All of us are bent on helping you improve and grow your business! We all LOVE what we do here at The Art of Business. It’s a key part of our culture along with always learning new things in order to continuously grow. You’ll find that same culture oozing out of “The Seed” in each and every episode.



What can you expect to see on “The Seed?” We’re already four episodes in, and we haven’t yet dipped our feet into the water nearly as much as we want to. There is so much to branding, marketing, and content creation in the digital world. 
We help you reap the fruits of a well cared for business in areas like blogging, website traffic, online selling, development of a strong social presence, and social media marketing (Did you know that you can set up a winning sales funnel on Instagram?) 

So far, here’s what we’ve covered:

We talked about Facebook and making blogging work for you with fresh content. People think blogging has been done to death but that is far from the truth! 

We discussed how to create quality content to grow your business on Pinterest. This includes having great graphics to match, so we talked about that, too.

  • Episode 3: ‘Organized and Ready to Rock It’

We gave you the tools you need to stay organized, especially when it comes to website creation. If you’re not organized, you can’t grow your business. 

  • Episode 4: ‘Keeping Your Instagram and Your Books Pretty’

We touched on the visual element of social media that you need to grow your business in this digital age. We’re all about heart. But online looks matter! We also touched on finances. 


We’ve got tons in store for you on “The Seed.” Need help with branding or planning content? Stay tuned for that. Stressed out with marketing? We‘ll show you how to make it fun — Yes, it’s possible.

Wondering how to craft a great email subject line, what you should have on the first page of your website, or even just looking to create your logo? We’ve got you covered for all of it!

And remember, it’s a new year, so we’ll delve into the top trends you should watch out for and analyze each of them as they come into play. Most importantly, we’ll talk about how they influence the growth of your business. 



You can expect to get “The Seed” episodes from us on a weekly basis. This year, we’re really going hard to bring you the tools you need to grow your business. 2020 was a hard year, and it’s going to take regular reminders to stay on track.



It’s easy to stay current with “The Seed.” Assuming you’re following us on our Instagram — if you’re not already, then what are you waiting for? — you can simply click on the small “IGTV” heading below our Highlights and just above where our grid starts.

If you’ve already missed the first few episodes, now is a great time to have a look over all of them as the new year gets underway. Not only is it free, but it often comes from the work we do with our own clients, which you can start implementing today to grow your business.


If you don’t have the time to watch new episodes of “The Seed” as soon as they come out, we’ve still got your back. Is Your Business Ready to Grow? Drop your email below if you want to join our FREE 5-day email series on growing your biz!

Got ideas for “The Seed?” We’d love to hear them! Share your thoughts in the comments underneath each new episode. And if you’re inspired to make us part of your marketing team, be sure to reach out. Let’s have a conversation! 

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