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The Art of Business’ Clutch 2021 Rewind

Written By The Art of Business Content Team

The Art of Business is a modern partner to progressive brands, we serve businesses that are looking to accomplish a cohesive and more attractive overall brand presence. We help our clients craft result-oriented marketing tactics that we have proven to generate effective business growth! 

It is our mission to lead our partners with innovative and modern marketing, we’re proud to have been considered a top company on Clutch in 2021. While it was filled with many challenges, 2021 was an exciting year for our team as we were able to achieve many great accomplishments for our partner brands.

Today, let’s take a quick recap and see the biggest milestones we’ve hit throughout 2021.

As a service provider, we put value in listening to what our customers have to say. After all, collaboration is a two-way street, and we know that we can only achieve remarkable results if we truly understand our partners’ goals and expectations. In 2021 we were able to expand our marketing expertise and can proudly say we have helped brands as far as the USA build their marketing strategy across all platforms. From a quantity surveyor and construction consulting firm to a dental office, a small-town staple jewelry store to a spine and pain institute we truly have proven throughout 2021 that we offer a service we can be proud of and that our clients are proud to be served by!


We Love Our Clients!

Client feedback is truly important for further improvement and we are ecstatic to have received an abundant amount of positive ratings from our clients in 2021! 

Right now, we boast a near-perfect overall rating across all of our new reviews, and we’re very thankful for the trust and support that our clients have given us. 

We are also overjoyed to have scored a perfect recommendation rate through all of our new feedback last year. This means that our partners are 100% willing to refer us within their network, and we truly appreciate their support!

We thank our clients greatly for believing in us and we are excited to see what we can achieve together in the coming year! 

Marketing doesn’t have to be overcomplicated to succeed, at The Art of Business when it comes to what we can achieve for your brand the sky’s the limit! We care about your brand and thrive on seeing success in our clients.  Connect with us, and let’s discuss what we can do for you!