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Update! Web/ E-Commerce Funding for Small Businesses in Canada

Written By The Art of Business Content Team

Last June, we enlightened you about a marketing-related grant from the Government of Alberta. Did you take advantage of it? 

Update on the Alberta Grant

Here’s the update: Applications are currently closed for the partnership marketing program which was aimed at tourism businesses looking to inspire persons to visit Alberta through responsible travel. 

Meanwhile, the cooperative investment program which is designed to help with tourism-related marketing will be opening applications in the spring from April 1 to 30 and in the fall from September 1 to 30, 2021. 

Go to our previous journal entry to get all the deets on eligibility and see how we can help you with the application process from start to finish. 

The Canada United Small Business Relief Fund for Website Building

Elsewhere, the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund (CUSBRF) just reopened to all provinces in mid-February of 2021.

The CUSBRF seeks to help small to medium-sized sole proprietors and partnerships who have been operating after September 1, 2020. They can be for-profit or not-for-profit organizations.

The amount, $5,000, will go towards COVID-19-incurred expenses including personal protective equipment, office space adjustments, and last, but not least, web/ e-commerce capability.

The Art of Business Website Design Services

As you may know, we at The Art of Business help you with setting up, designing, or revamping your existing website. Need e-commerce capabilities, too? We’ve got you covered! 

Have a look at our portfolio to see others we’ve worked with. Most recently, we did a website overhaul for our client, Phair Business Solutions. Read all about it in our marketing journal entry! 

When it comes to redesigning a website or even setting one up for the first time, The Art of Business doesn’t just look at the basics.

Sure, we look at your goals, your target audience, and, of course, have a peek at your competitors to see how we can help you stand out in your industry. 

But we take things a step further. 

How Branding Fits Into Web Design

Our Evoker of Dreams, Ed, who you can learn more about here, helps us bring the element of branding to your site in a unique way. No — he doesn’t just “do the graphics,” which he’s a total genius at doing. 

In his own words, Ed “receives [his] clients’ requests and visually represents it in a way that makes sense in how it is perceived by others… in a way makes their companies look way better than they were perceived in the market.”

He aims “to communicate things properly [… and] to [tackle] the most challenging ideas [by finding] a way to represent it visually when nobody else knows how.”

You see, at The Art of Business, it’s never JUST about what we can do for you. We go beyond the singular marketing services to give you what you need, not what you want.

Growing Your Website Traffic for Maximum Results

With us as your strategic marketing partner, you can rest assured that any and all funding towards your marketing results in leads, engagement, and PROFIT!

This year alone, we saw another one of our clients, In n Out Cleaning Services’ website view count go up by 300%! We did a feature for them as well in our marketing journal

If you don’t know already, website traffic coupled with an optimized website design is one of the best marketing strategies to gain success for your business. And we can help you with that from start to finish. From building your website, to designing it and optimization. Start a conversation with us! 

More Government Funding Options for Your Business

We can also help you take the first step in applying for the CUSBRF COVID-19 relief grant. To learn more about eligibility and what documents you’ll need to apply, head over to their website.

For more COVID-19 funding programs, you can also visit this site which caters to entrepreneurs and minority groups. Need even more funding options? Try here and here!