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The Importance of Client & Employee Appreciation

Guest Post Written By Pep & Party Co. – Annie Bradshaw

People want to feel appreciated and valued by others. In a pandemic where social distancing, and at times isolation, has become the new normal, people are craving to feel this more than ever before. Chances are, you or someone you know has transitioned to working from home during these strange times. For some, getting to interact with coworkers is what kept their feelings of loneliness at bay. When you google “loneliness during Covid-19 pandemic,” not only do multiple blog posts and articles appear, the first result to pop up are tips for coping posted by the CDC. Enough of all the sad talk, though!

We’re Pep & Party Co., a company specializing in custom gift giving and making the people in your world feel loved. While we curate themed-boxes for birthdays, brides-to-be and even the men in your life who are hard to shop for, we also do custom gifting! Whether an individual is ordering for a friend or a company comes to us for corporate gifting, we strive to be your one stop shop for showing your appreciation for the people in your world.

We believe it is extremely important for clients and employees to feel appreciated. Think back to a time where you were honoured for who you are or something you did. Whether you were honoured with words in front of a group or with a gift and a handwritten card, how did that moment make you feel? If you’re anything like us, that moment of appreciation left you feeling lifted up, encouraged and motivated to continue living how you had been. Now think back to a time where someone else was honoured in front of you. Oftentimes, when a leader publicly acknowledges a person for their character and/or performance, the coworkers and peers listening in, can be left with a sense of motivation to do better and be the next one recognized in front of the group. In a society that has lost its sense of value for honouring others, it’s ironic how a moment of public acknowledgement and appreciation for one can cause the entire group to walk away feeling positive emotions.

While we at Pep & Party Co. believe in valuing people over performance, you can read countless studies on how appreciating and recognizing employees has a direct correlation to high performance. It’s human nature to desire and enjoy being acknowledged for who you are and how you perform. As for those of you with clients (think realtors or advertising agencies), we also think appreciating them can create some magic for you. Your clients are left feeling seen and valued which will result in them wanting to use your services again in the future as well as tell their friends and family about you. We not only want your clients feeling appreciated and receiving good gifts, we want your businesses to succeed. Good news! If you lead a team or you’re in charge of end of year gifts for your company, we can and would be honoured to help you. We definitely love helping individuals give gifts to their besties but between you and us, we have a special kind of love for corporate gifting.

Here’s how we can help… Whether you have an idea in mind or you have literally zero idea where to begin, we can curate a gift for your clients or employees that will leave your brand and business looking great. We’ll do our research on your company and put together a gift that is sure to make you stand out as well as create a deep sense of appreciation for every single person receiving it. You can give us details like budget and timeline and we’ll send you different ideas for you to choose from! For the cherry on top, we’ll handle all of the packing and shipping as well which means more time on your plate. It would truly be our honour to work with you. Check out our website and shoot us a message if you’re ready to move forward! We can’t wait to make your brand look good.


Pep & Party Co. – Annie Bradshaw

Dallas-based celebration specialists Pep & Party Co. got started back in 2015 in a 10 x 10 dorm room with $20, some Pinterest inspo, and a need to make a friend’s day, centred firmly around the belief that life’s big moments and tiny victories should be celebrated equally. In the quest to become Ultimate Day Makers, Pep & Party Co. slowly and surely evolved into a booming pep-centric small business, shipping everything from disco ball tumblers and confetti-filled birthday boxes to heartfelt love notes and sympathy cards nationwide. Fully believing in “just because” gifts and invested in the idea that everyone should get something via snail mail, even in 2020, Pep & Party Co. goes out of the way to ensure that your people feel loved, comforted, praised and more no matter the circumstances. Whether it’s a birthday or breakup, promotion or pep talk, Pep & Party Co. are your one-stop-shop for all things thoughtful.

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