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Taking Health ‘n Hustle to New Heights

Written By The Art of Business Content Team

If you love Tupperware, raise your hand!

Now… if you love healthy living, raise your hand, too.

Boy, do we know someone you should get to know: Jenna Trudeau! 

Owner of Health ‘n Hustle, Jenna has created the perfect space to improve your healthy lifestyle, find recipes and meal plans, join a supportive community, buy your Tupperware and more! 

Jenna Trudeau is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and 3-Star Tupperware Director. At Health ‘n Hustle, she offers her services as an AMAZING Tupperware party leader. Jenna has developed a range of fantastic themes such as “Dinner 911 ‘n lunch 911” (you know, if you don’t know what to eat for lunch or dinner), “Wine ‘n Cheese,”, “Freezer Meal ‘n Prep Party”, and more.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Jenna on a number of marketing fronts!

Building Up Health ‘n Hustle as a Unique, Personalized Brand

You may be wondering…but isn’t Tupperware a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that provides TONS of marketing materials and support to their partners? Why would Jenna hire The Art of B?

It’s true! Tupperware does provide a lot of support. 

But, Jenna has taken control of her personal brand and focused on creating a personalized, friendly, and health-focused business. While most Tupperware parties teach you how to use Tupperware products, Jenna does this with a twist. While using Tupperware products, Jenna brings out her Nutritional Consultant background and teaches customers healthy recipes, meal-planning tips and tricks, and even how to get kids to eat their veggies! 

In this way, Jenna separates herself from the competition, and boy does she shine! She is a planner and thrives on organizing her marketing and business growth efforts to propel herself into a bright future. Thus far, she’s grown from a base-level Tupperware rep all the way up to a 3 Star Director…which is a lot of levelling up! This is all thanks to the stand-out approach she’s chosen, which highlights both her skill-set and passions. 

At The Art of B, we are helping Jenna take this unique focus to the next level!

Jenna is a busy mom and businesswoman, so she needed some help with certain aspects of her marketing. Naturally, we were a perfect fit! In The Art of B, Jenna found a strategic partner who constantly helps her plan her next marketing step. We provide coaching and advice on her overall marketing, as well as provide specific deliverables. In particular, we help her with her blog and recipe posts, website maintenance, and email marketing

Immediate Results with Bomb Email Marketing

Typically, we tell clients to expect results after 6 months to a year. Yet, we’ve already begun to see some amazing outcomes with Health ‘n Hustle, particularly in the email campaigns since Jenna started working with us in late April. 

Our email marketing specialist and “Rainmaker”, Laurie, took the time to get to know Jenna so that she could perfectly embody her voice. Plus, she fully investigated Jenna’s audience so that she could speak to them in an engaging and effective way. Using her sales savvy, she constructs emails that deliver results!

Can you believe that her click rates per opened email went up from 8% in January to 14% in June?

That’s a big difference in click-through rates (and we raised it to above average)! 

The click-through rate shows you how effective your emails are. After all, clicks are what leads to sales. 

We believe that a big part of this and other successes is that we get just as excited about Health ‘n Hustle as we would if it were our own business! This energy brings inspiring campaigns and dedication that produces spectacular outcomes.

About working with The Art of Business, Jenna says:

“I have loved working with Art Of the B! Amanda and her team have really helped my visions come to life. They also help me think outside the box and inspire me to have this creative side of marketing I never thought I had! They’re supportive and help bring so many MORE ideas to the table! Thanks, ladies for your hustle and for helping me grow my online presence.”

We can’t wait to see what other ways we can help Jenna and her team grow!

An Eye On the Future

At the Art of B, our goal is to help our clients GROW

We work with Health ‘n Hustle with strategy sessions each month to define goals, determine the focus of our marketing efforts, and to track our progress thus far. In this way, we are able to tailor our efforts to meet Jenna’s unique goals and needs. Plus, this is just the beginning of our relationship! We don’t walk away after the first sign of positive results. Instead, we continue working toward that long-term growth that will help Health ‘n Hustle truly thrive. 

We can already see many other marketing projects in the future including collaborations, business exposure, and more. We are also enhancing the user experience by providing website maintenance for Health ‘n Hustle with a long-term focus on fully refreshing their website. 

Together, we make the perfect team! Jenna is able to keep her business running smoothly and generate leads while we offer valuable insights and services to set her business on track for success. Want to see more of what we have done >> right here<<