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Simple Ways to Cut Back on Toxins for the Busy Working Woman

Guest Post Written By Tammy Longo

Have you been trying to cut back on toxins but just don’t have the time to research all of the information out there? As busy working women, we can be pulled in so many different directions, it can be hard to know how to get started. 

It can seem overwhelming and complicated but it can be easy to make these changes. For years, I knew that many of the products I was using were potentially harmful but I kept on saying I’ll get to it, I’ll make changes, and they seemed so expensive! I honestly didn’t know where to begin. Life gets busy so I put it on my long to-do list with the hope that I would get to it someday. 

I believe that we all can benefit from removing toxins from our homes so I started researching what natural meant and what ingredients to avoid. A little tip: just because it’s labelled natural doesn’t mean it is. Companies are not required to disclose all of the ingredients on product labels and natural can mean so many things. This got me thinking, what am I actually using and can this be harmful to me and my family? 

Do you ever wonder if the products in your home are safe for you and your family? If you use conventional dryer sheets, room sprays or candles, most likely they have toxic ingredients in them. I had these in my home too until I discovered that there were safer products out there. 

Besides the food we eat, there are two main sources of toxins: cleaning products and personal care products. Did you know that there are many hazardous chemicals in cleaning products that can affect your health? You can breathe the fumes into your lungs and the chemicals can get absorbed through your skin especially your hands. How many personal care products do you use a day? On average, women use 12 personal care products a day with over 150 ingredients in them. That’s a lot of ingredients that I can’t pronounce! Your skin is your largest organ and the products you use on your skin gets absorbed quickly into your body. All of these toxins can add up and cause a burden to our bodies. 

I have spent years researching ways that we can cut back our toxic load. Throughout this time, I learned that pure essential oils could also help us live a toxin-free lifestyle. Essential oils have therapeutic benefits and can support our overall health. Now we use essential oils every day as part of a healthy lifestyle and I can’t imagine my life without them. 

If you’re ready to make some simple swaps, here are 5 easy tips for reducing toxins in your home:

  1. Instead of burning candles to relax, diffuse essential oils like lavender or roman chamomile. If you are in need of an energy boost to get your afternoon to-do list done, try diffusing peppermint for a little motivation. 
  2. Swap your perfume with synthetic ingredients to a natural perfume like lavender, jasmine or rose. 
  3. Switch out your cleaning spray with a simple mix of water, vinegar and essential oils like lemon or wild orange. 
  4. Swap out your dryer sheets with dryer balls and put a drop of your favourite essential oil on them like lavender. 
  5. Ditch the room sprays filled with chemicals and make your own with lemon and lime essential oils. 


I hope that I have given you a few easy tips to get started making changes so you can live a healthier lifestyle. There are more effective natural options that are not expensive and so much safer for you and your family.


Tammy Longo

Tammy Longo is a mom of 3, who loves yoga and the beach. She is a wellness coach and she helps simplify the use of essential oils for women who want to lead a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle.

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