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Getting The Foundations Right First

Guest Post Written By Cristina Desthieux

Similar to building a house, building a business starts with the same clear step: building the right foundations.

Before you can go out and sell your product, it is important to make sure that you have the right knowledge, tools and support to allow that growth. There are some clear steps that help with that and they need to be done in a specific order.

Let’s start with your goal. What is your vision for your business?

Where do you see yourself in 1, 5, 10 years? Are you clear on what your business is set to achieve and also what values it is bringing to the market?

You need to be clear on your role in your industry, how you want to influence it and how your team will contribute to achieving the business vision. Preparing a set plan for each of these milestones will allow you to do a tick-boxing exercise and see the actual progression throughout your business venture.

I work with women entrepreneurs and help them gain clarity on their vision and identity in the market. 

Once you establish your vision, how will you be measuring performance? How will you know when you have reached your initial goals?

Performance management is key to keeping yourself and your staff aligned with your goals. Continuous improvement should be encouraged in both your personal and professional life, by way of impact on the skills, behaviour and contributions you and your team brings. 

I can work with you to help you develop a performance framework that will bring value to your business and bring balance to your team.

Goalposts may change in time. And that’s fine! How will you cope with that from a professional perspective? What are your development plan for yourself and your team?

What standards of performance and values are you working towards? How will the company develop and what skills are required now and will be required further down the line?

Developing a plan which supports both you and your business is very important and I can help you share that based on your industry. There might come a time when you might need to relocate or take some time off. A good business continuity plan will allow you to take a step back if you need to and support your business if the staff leaves/retires. 

Further, in line with professional development, you need to think of your team. How do you want by your side? Are you a solopreneur, looking to build a team or would hire contractors for support? Do you have a physical office or work online?

Whatever your circumstances, you need to manage your business with the same responsibility and think of the risks that come with each circumstance. 

For example, if you work from home where will you meet clients? What will you do if you need to move or redecorate?

If you work on your own, how will you manage your time to allow for each aspect of your business to be included in your weekly schedule? How will you ensure all regulations for each area are respected?

I can help you manage your risks so that you can focus on doing the job you love.

If you want to spend more time doing the job you love and less time worrying about admin stuff, you need to have the appropriate systems in place from the beginning.

Ultimately, the reason you started your business is to make a difference and taking into consideration the tasks above, will facilitate you to bring on your A-game!

Keep being fabulous – You got this


Cristina Desthieux

Pharmacist with 2 Masters.

I am a pharmacist by training and have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 8 years. I decided to go into coaching because a while back I found myself in the need of a career coach so I saw the magic of coaching first hand!

I work with women who are ready for their next career move and what to do that move with clarity and confidence. Women need to accomplish a lot in little time and are also faced with questions on changing careers or going out on their own by starting their own business.


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