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Client Feature: Phair Business Solutions

Written By The Art of Business Content Team

44% of small business owners state that cash flow is their biggest accounting challenge, says Small Business Report.

Cheryl Phair, the founder of Phair Business Solutions, prides herself on two things: her expertise and the unrelenting devotion she shows to her clients. She is out to make your money move — into your pockets!

About Phair Business Solutions

Cheryl and her team stand on eight years of dedication predominantly toward interior design firms and small to medium-sized businesses who want to scale their business efficiently and effectively.

Aside from bookkeeping, the team provides online business management, financial consultation and virtual controlling.

Let’s face it, outsourcing is the way to go. It’s not just because it saves you time and money (because time IS money), but also because you should be free to do what you actually enjoy doing for your business.

In Forbes’ list of 16 areas that solopreneurs should outsource, they listed accounting in number five — areas with the lowest personal return on investment. Want more time and financial freedom? Consider talking to Cheryl.

Before establishing her business, Cheryl had already racked up 20 years of experience in the accounting arena. But don’t let her history fool you. Cheryl keeps up with all the latest tech and is a huge advocate for automation.

She needs to save time, too, for brand spanking new developments coming her way!

Evolving into Phair Business Solutions in 2021

This year, Phair Business Solutions is undergoing a major overhaul. We can’t wait for you to see it!

But first, their new name. “How does Phair Business Solutions sound?”

That’s how we imagine Cheryl spoke with her team as they made the huge decision to change their business name from Phair Books Inc. to Phair Business Solutions.

The new name encompasses the umbrella of services that this passionate team has added to their arsenal over the years.

It also embraces their widening target market. Engineers are often particular and methodical, much like the Phair Business Solutions team! Go figure!

And then there are the intellectual architects. With all the brainpower needed for their complex planning and design, why not remove numbers from the mix? Now that’s a load off! (And let team Phair takeover!).

Cheryl knows that each client her team works with is being challenged financially. Money is like that, sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be so.

The plan? Intricately understand her client’s values and goals. Then, partner up virtually to make it happen. This long-term, tactical relationship is always intended for the long term.

While money magic doesn’t happen overnight, Cheryl’s wand can sure make it seem that way!

The Role of The Art of Business in Phair Business Solutions’ Evolution

The Art of Business collaborated with Phair Business Solutions recently and helped turn things upside down — in a good way.

An article from Entrepreneur describes rebranding as the “lifeblood of business growth.” With a new name, Cheryl wanted a new, more clearly defined identity personality to go with her business.

We took her brand to the next level. Ed, our Evoker of Dreams and art director, was a key player in this part of the evolution. Here’s where he stepped in:

1. Logo Change

The current logo symbolizes growth. It’s awesome. But more was needed to fully encapsulate the redirection of the company. You know, to give it that extra woof and bring together the new services that are being offered (Excuse our ode to Charlie, Cheryl’s beloved fur baby).

The new logo will salute the “umbrella” of services we highlighted earlier and pay tribute to the team’s dedication to numbers in a pie chart format. Let’s face it — Numbers never lie!

2. Typography

Words matter, and so does their appearance. We came up with just the right look and feel when it comes to branding content for Phair Business Solutions.

3. Stationery

Like our team, Phair Business Solutions doesn’t have an office, but there’s still a lot of paper moving around (Not too much. We keep it green over here!)

Cheryl, being the rock star she is, knows just how to keep things balanced – Much like her clientele of architects.

With the rebranding covered, content is soon to follow in line. It’s a daunting task for most, but we love doing it!

We happily jumped in with both feet as Phair Business Solutions’ full-time strategic marketing partner to take their business to the next level.

Phair Business Solutions’ Big Deal for the New Year

A Free Business Review!

Time is money — we’ve already mentioned that. But we’re mentioning it again because Phair Business Solutions is willing to give their time to you for free! We’re talking a whole hour’s worth of expert advice that benefits you.

This review includes a look over your current books, as well as a review of your bank and credit card reconciliation status. They’ll even go over your payroll and tax situation.

Got a problem? You can address it with Cheryl, Marijana, or Tamara! The entire team is eager to give you solutions and ideas — and it won’t cost you a dime. Get the inside scoop on current financial trends and policies, and improve your status today.

This investment of your time is invaluable. And it will give you the chance to learn whether hiring an accounting firm is right for you (it most likely is!).

What does Phair Business Solutions get out of it? Nothing! Except for the satisfaction of helping you scale and streamline your business. If you want to know how they’ve assisted others in avoiding costly errors that saved money, just check out their testimonials.

Ready to book a free review that will enable you to get through your first year of business as a solopreneur? Already established and want to budget for success? Book the free review!

What Else Is on the Way

To wrap up, we’ll give you the inside scoop on what else Phair Business Solutions has on the way for 2021.

Around the corner, you’ll see a brand new website courtesy of The Art of Business team. Additionally, Cheryl’s eBook is now out and it is for businesses just like yours looking to boost their bottom line.

We won’t tell you too much. We’ve already spilled the goods! Just make sure to be on the alert. We’ve got it all figured out in our marketing calculator. Am I Right, Cheryl?

If you’re looking to evolve in 2021, start a conversation with us! Marketing online is necessary but it might not be as easy as you think. We’re here to give you what you need — not what you want — and get you noticed!