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Client Feature: In n Out Cleaning Services Ltd

Written By The Art of Business Content Team

You left your home a mess. When you return, your place is spotless. You feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. You breathe in the ridiculously fresh air….

Then, you turn around and thank the two sisters Jenna and Leah, Owner and General Manager of the In n Out Cleaning Services crew. If no one has ever told you that a professionally cleaned home could change your life, we’re telling you now. We’ve experienced the #sanitysaving magic of In n Out Cleaning Services ourselves, so partnering up with them to boost their strategic marketing efforts was a no-brainer.

Blowing Their Minds with a Giveaway

As we always do, we went above and beyond for our client, In n Out Cleaning Services. In February of 2021, we upped their game with a massive giveaway for Valentine’s Day. 

Through a series of combined efforts, The Art of Business team and the In n Out Cleaning Services #sanitysaving crew banded together with local businesses Premium Wine Boutique, Downs CNC, Hub Town Brewing, 94 Take the Cake, and Modern Catering for a giveaway that would turn heads on Instagram. 

The giveaway included beer, wine, board games, and sweet treats. Of course, the winner also got an expertly carried out cleaning session from the In n Out Cleaning Services team themselves.

In n Out Cleaning Cleaning Services’s Instagram account grew by a total of 250 followers during the two-week giveaway promo. 

Elsewhere, another storm was brewing. And no, we don’t mean a dust storm. In n Out Cleaning Services take care of those.

The Power of TikTok Marketing — Going Viral

When you post a video on the internet involving toilets, you probably don’t expect it to go viral. 

But that’s exactly what happened when Jenna showed that your toilet can effectively act as an air freshener. Go see how here. Your toilet bowl will never stink again.

The short clip on TikTok garnered over 3.4 million views, 383,000 likes, nearly 40,000 shares, and received almost 3,000 comments. Either the world is full of stinky bathrooms or… the world is full of stinky bathrooms. 
Statistics showing that TikTok is not the most popular platform in the country proved somewhat irrelevant here. In n Out Cleaning Services’ target audience got the message and didn’t hesitate to reach out.

Systems and a Website Fit for Cleaning Queens 

The Art of Business team is not only about optimizing social media for our clients.

We also did an overhaul of the In n Out Cleaning crew’s website. Our strategic marketing angle involves taking action wherever possible to improve our client’s brand across all of their platforms. 

Thanks to the Instagram giveaway, the TikTok madness, and all the foundational marketing strategies we put in place a few months earlier, the site saw traffic TRIPLE over the last three months. 

The website’s view count went up by 3000%, and the crew was flooded with cleaning estimate requests.

Leads, anyone? 

We further helped the team by making their internal systems and processes more efficient and effective. This meant even more leads and quality growth in the management of this medium-sized business. It’s simple. Superior systems equal increased performance with your audience. Tons have already filled out the incredibly customized cleaning estimate form on In n Out Cleaning Services website.

Joining the #sanitysavers community is free. Just get onto social media, their email list or frequent the #sanitysaver Blog. But if you’re wondering how much it’ll cost you to save your sanity, have more time to spend with your family amid your busy life, fill out the form and request a cleaning estimate.

The In n Out Cleaning Services Crew is Ready for their Close Up! 

Will uniforms ever be a thing of the past? Probably not. When they partnered with us, the In n Out Cleaning Services crew’s owner, Jenna, was ready for another level. And that means uniforms. We’ve got an eye for professionalism, so we hooked them up with our preferred printing company, Select Print Services — who also happens to be a past client. 

Decked out in their brand new, chic, black tees, the team now has a revamped identity. A small suggestion from The Art of Business team took the In n Out crew a long way. Now, we’re going even further. We’re not slowing down. The Art of Business team is rearing up for yet another huge marketing event to grow our clients’ brand and customers even more.

We’ve brought in a professional videographer to create some more magic for the In n Out Cleaning Services crew. We already do their video editing. Now, we’re making it official with a promotional video, along with a staff training video series as well. 

(It’s still in the works, and we can’t wait for you to see it!)

In the meantime, it’s important to note that our work with the In n Out Cleaning Services crew was especially catered to THEIR business needs. Your business might look a lot different. A few elements hold true despite this, however.

We’ve covered those essential, need-to-know areas of marketing that are bound to benefit you no matter which industry you’re in as a business owner. Our FREE 5-Day Grow Your Biz series will guide you with branding, website design, and social media marketing. And it’s available for sign-up now!

The In n Out Cleaning Services crew had already made house cleaning a high-class affair available at a reasonable price. As their strategic marketing partner, our job was to share their amazing talent with the masses. We did so in a way that was fun, relatable, and result-oriented. Most importantly, it was all part of a cohesive, consistent, winning marketing plan we created for them right from the start.

Want us to do the same for you? Reach out to us today.