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Client Feature: High River Lutes Timber Mart

Written By The Art of Business Content Team

How do you get the average person to visit a hardware store (and be excited about it)?

That was one of the principal goals we had when we started working with High River Lutes Timber Mart 4 years ago. We worked with Mel putting together a plan to spread the word, engage the community and bring more people through the doors.

So, how did The Art of Business help High River Lutes Timber Mart with their marketing?

Boosting foot traffic to High River Lutes Timber Mart required a lot of creativity because we were wanting to reach a different target market. We finally settled on an idea that was a bit out of the box, yet ended up being extremely successful! Pinterest Nights were born – an event that involved inviting people to DIY a Pinterest-worthy project inside the store itself!

Pinterest Nights and Pinterest Take-Home Kits

During Pinterest Nights, the visitors crafted their very own creations with the help of DIY/Pinterest/Building experts, Mel and Keri. 

High River Lutes Timber Mart started the Pinterest Nights back in 2018, hosting in-person events inside of the store. The Art of Business got to work creating a marketing campaign around the Pinterest Nights – promoting the Pinterest Night events on social media through regular posting and paid advertising. The social media campaigns encouraged people to sign up to participate. The Art of B created the events on Facebook, set up Eventbrite for the ticket sales, and guided Mel on what to do during the events to give them more momentum. 

Then, on the night of the event, High River Lutes Timber Mart set up a workspace and invited people to come in and create their own DIY projects! Everything was set up for easy creation. Mel and Keri prepared all of the materials for each person ahead of time and were there during the events to help. Some of the projects featured were rustic trays, wine racks, seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, pumpkins and bunnies, and more. The community response was amazing! Over 25 people consistently showed up to events and Pinterest Nights became a topic of conversation around town and in the store.

Did you know that 44% of Canadians visit a hardware store only a few times a year? Only 20% of Canadians visit a hardware store once a month! Let us know in the comments below if that stat surprises you!!!

After COVID hit in 2020, we had to shift gears and adapt. To do that, the Take-Home Pinterest Kits were created. Mel and Keri included everything necessary to complete the project in the kit, from sandpaper to prepared wooden pieces, and the paint. Some of the projects that were included for take-home DIY were Christmas signs, trees, snowmen, and other seasonal decor. The Art of B helped High River Lutes Timber Mart promote the kits through social media campaigns, advertisements, and in-store promotions.

The High River Lutes Timber Mart Pinterest nights and take-home kits drummed up a lot of interest in the shop! The campaigns got new shoppers into the building and highlighted the store’s expertise in all things construction and DIY projects. It was also incredible to watch the demographic shift as a result of Pinterest Nights and Take-Home Kits. More and more women started coming into the store, a shift from the typical contractors and construction business owners. 

This particular campaign is just one small example of the work we do with High River Lutes Timber Mart. We also help High River Lutes Timber Mart with other aspects of digital marketing and consult with them as their long-term partner in marketing strategy. 

High River Lutes Timber Mart Social Media Strategy and Creation

One of the main ongoing projects that we do for High River Lutes Timber Mart is social media strategy and posting. First, we work with High River Lutes Timber Mart on their yearly marketing plan. At this stage, we help them decide when to hold sales, how to promote them, and what the sale should involve. Then, we design social media posts, graphics, and advertising based on the overall strategy. It’s then that our team of copywriters and graphic designers craft engaging, on-brand content to tell the High River Lutes Timber Mart story! Finally, we take care of scheduling the posts so that they appear at the most optimized times on social media platforms. 

Some of High River Lutes Timber Mart’s most successful posts have been fun and engaging, such as contests and giveaways. Look out for their upcoming contest to win a free portable coffee-maker for Father’s Day! In addition, we help Lutes Timber Mart highlight some of their best products. From storm doors to patio pavers, high-quality paint, and lumber; the store has great products available for the community. Through social media posts, we help spread the word about these amazing products.

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

High River Lutes Timber Mart Website

High River Lutes Timber Mart also asked us to help them with their website design. A website for a small business is essential, especially when the competition is big box stores, as in the case of High River Lutes Timber Mart. Here at The Art of B, we know that viewers often only spend about 7 seconds on a website homepage! Keeping that in mind, we did an overhaul of their website to feature a simple, but elegant design that tells the story of High River Lutes Timber Mart in a few seconds. 

We are thrilled to be partners in marketing with High River Lutes Timber Mart! Next time you have a DIY home or garden project in mind, we encourage you to head over to this great local business for everything you need!

Could you use some help with your small business’s website, social media, and marketing strategy? The Art of B is here to help! Book a discovery call to learn how we can help you crush your marketing goals and turn your audience into a steady stream of lucrative leads! We can’t wait to meet you!