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The Art of Learning 101

Written By The Art of Business Content Team

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” – Abigail Adams

At the Art of B, we know that in order to be progressive and successful, we need to constantly be learning. Non-stop. We wanted to take the time to share with you the ways we look to improve ourselves and our business in the hopes that you may take this time during the Coronavirus pandemic to invest in yourself and your business in every way possible.  


Amanda, our fearless leader

is taking her time to delve into project management by taking a project management course from The Futur, she is also fine tuning all of the legal mumbo-jumbo that goes hand in hand with business to ensure that we are as efficient and streamlined as possible. There are a million ways to organize your business and keep your clients, contractors and employees working at optimal levels. One of the things we have decided to switch to is to see if it is the right fit for us. So far it seems to be a great platform for us and is easy to use and navigate. We have also looked into how we monitor our time and where it is being spent to better understand where our services are going and where they can improve.


Edward, our creative wizard

is enhancing his amazing talents by looking into 3D design and how to master it. He has also been bitten by the marketing bug and is full of wonderful ideas to best help out our customers, he has a drive to give them as much information and helpful advice as possible, especially in this trying time with COVID-19 creating issues for businesses. He is exploring The Creative Life which is a great resource for online classes in photography, art, design, craft, DIY, marketing, business and entrepreneurship. In short: Go check it out.


Jordan, our #bossbabe of details

is learning new skills in Photoshop and is loving it, it’s always best to find your passion and follow it, we feel strongly that when you are doing something you love to do, you will excel at it. And Jordan is doing just that, she is amazing at everything she puts her hand to and has been really delving into what she loves to do and finding resources to help her learn more.


Tiara, our self-proclaimed nerd

(which I can say because I am the one writing this blog) is reading every . single . article on the internet about blogging and how to keep it interesting. There are a ton of great articles online about blogging and how to make it fun and light even when discussing heavier topics. I have also been researching ways to bring content to our customers in a more engaging way, via Instagram, so that we can give our clients information they want in a way that stands out to them. I have learned that Instagram stories can be a great vehicle to amazing, fun content with a message. And as such, have been taking some time to really learn the ins and outs of Canva which I am now completely in love with and want to use all day, every day.

At The Art of B, we LOVE what we do, we make sure to encourage each other and put our best person for the job forward. Now is a great time to look inward at your company and see who is passionate about learning new skills and give them the opportunity to do so. With business slowed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s the perfect time to brush up on industry practices and really look into ways you can learn and grow as a company.


Another amazing growth and learning opportunity (once we’re all allowed out of the house again) is SocialWest, which is Western Canada’s largest digital marketing conference.

Now in its fifth year, SocialWest hosts 850 digital marketers, social media managers and communications professionals in Calgary, Alberta every year. Mike Morrison saw a gap in professional development for Canadians working in digital marketing and social media and started this amazing event. The quality of speakers and attendee experience have been at the core of the conference since the beginning, and the all-star roster of speakers and experiential add-ons continue to set SocialWest apart.


Let us know in the comments what you have been doing to combat becoming stagnant in business and ways you can be progressive in learning.


We’d love to hear your favorite learning resources (selfishly, so that we can go check them out too) and how you feel it impacts your growth. And, if you’re so inclined, please let us know ways we can help you succeed, in business and in life, as we find that the two go hand in hand. Just like, say, a partner (to progressive brands).