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Tips For Working From Home

Guest Post Written By Helm Solutions

Since the global pandemic in early 2020, companies and businesses have increasingly transitioned their employees to working from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It has become more and more clear that working remotely will become more prevalent, even post-pandemic. Though many people enjoy working remotely because of the many advantages that come with it, it is certainly not for everyone as it requires a lot of self-control and discipline. For some, working from home seems like a dream. But for those living it, it can sometimes be a nightmare! Many professionals report that effectively working from home can be challenging because of the distractions. These distractions come in many forms including household chores, kids, significant other, easy access to TV, instant access to social networks, and let’s not forget about your bed that looks especially tempting when you want to take those 5-minute middle of the day naps. These are all only a few of the things that can prevent at-home workers from accomplishing as much as they want or need to. However, with a solid plan and intentional focus, you can overcome those remote-work distractions so that you can master taking control of your workday.

Tips from Working from Home to Prevent Distractions and Increase Productivity

1. Implement a self-care morning routine

Because working from home saves you the hassle of commuting to the office, you now have the opportunity for self-care. The time you would typically use to commute into work can now be used to work out, meditate, do yoga, journal, or even just enjoy a hot cup of coffee accompanied by your favourite book! This will also give you more time to make a healthy and delicious breakfast to start your day! Having a relaxing morning can really help you have a successful and productive day.

2. Create a Dedicated Office Space

Working from home does not mean working in bed or on the couch while your favourite show is on. One way of preventing this is by creating a professional atmosphere that is private and quiet for you to work. This will not only help you stay focused but will also create a separation between your work and home life.
If you’re living in a household of more than one member, it’s best to work in a room with a door, this way you can let the other members of your household know that when the door is closed, it means you are preoccupied with work.

3. Use A Planner

Plan out your week using a physical or digital planner! This will help with managing your time and prioritizing your tasks. Go through your calendar before you log in for work, set up conference calls for any meetings, and schedule in proper lunch breaks and social interactions. Because of the infinite number of distractions, it can be easy to fall into bad habits, such as skipping meals, working late into the evening because you didn’t get enough work during work hours. To ensure you work efficiently, keeping a planner will help separate between work and play. This will structure your days and week, which will ultimately relieve stress!

4. Avoid Personal Cellphones and Other Electronics

Picking up your cellular to check social media or texting friends and family is much easier without having your supervisor around. It is recommended that turning off your phone notifications during work hours will help maintain concentration.

5. Avoid Multitasking

There are a million distractions when you are at home – the pile of dishes from last night, kids asking for homework help, pets wanting your attention, the enticing new show on Netflix, and your cellphone buzzing with notifications. Reports demonstrate that multitasking leads to a decrease in productivity. Set boundaries between doing your work during work hours and leave the household chores and personal tasks for after. 

Helm Solutions

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