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How to Make Your Business Bloom with Plant Care Tips!

Written By The Art of Business Content Team

Here at The Art of Business, we’re kind of obsessed with plants….

If you haven’t noticed, our logo is actually a plant! It’s all related to growth. Plants grow and we help businesses grow. We grow your biz in size, value, importance, and more…just like plants do throughout the natural course of their lives! Curious? Learn more about our branding here

Plus, Amanda- the Head Honcho- has over 200 house plants! As you may have guessed, many of our team members also have gardens and house plants. 

Naturally, as a team of green thumbs, we’ve noticed that marketing a business is similar to caring for plants. Take a look at some of our team’s unique plant-care styles and how they compare to top-notch marketing strategies that will grow your biz! 

Ruby: Consistency in Marketing and Gardening

We love, love, love Ruby’s outdoor garden space. Full of both flowers and tasty vegetables, Ruby says that the key to her gardening success is consistency. This is also true for any marketing plan! To see results, you must be consistent. In fact, did you know that consistency builds trust, credibility, and a good reputation

In her own words, Ruby says, “Marketing is like caring for plants because it needs constant attention, design and moulding to help it grow.”

Are you consistent with your marketing efforts? Tell us how often you take care of marketing tasks for your business in the comments below!

Saira: Finding the Right Content for Marketing and Gardening

Saira lives in an apartment with a north-facing balcony, so she struggled to find plants that would grow well there. After some experimenting, however, she found that bamboo does really well there! She also found that cilantro, spearmint, and basil do well indoors next to windows. She is thrilled because these plants are easy to care for, survive on less sunlight, smell good, and are edible! 

How does this relate to marketing? It’s all about finding the right content. Just like Saira had to experiment and try to find the right plants for her space, each business has to find the type of content that will resonate with its audience. Does your audience prefer e-books or blogs? Will they go for podcasts or case studies? This is up to you to discover.

Plus, you need to find the right space to connect with your audience. Whether that’s on social media, through your blog, on radio spots, or via local markets, you have to discover that space. 

Saira also notes that “What doesn’t work today could work tomorrow when the market/economy changes. Timing is just as important as a good idea.”

Karla: Abundance in Gardening and Marketing

Karla is famous for her collection of aloe vera plants. She is an expert of propagating these succulents. Plus, she also recently had success growing cuttings of poinsettia plants! 

What’s the marketing lesson to be learned here? 

It’s a lesson in volume. You can create many iterations of your marketing campaigns from one idea. For instance, imagine you write a blog that does really well. Why not turn it into an infographic (by the way, infographics can boost your website traffic by 12%!), social media posts, and an e-book too?

Do you create multiple types of content from one idea? Tell us in the comments below!

Ed: New Environments

Ed recently moved to a new apartment! He took his monsteras (also known as Swiss cheese plants) and bamboo with him. Quickly, he found the best environments for the plants to live in the new space. 

Similarly, you can make a big change in your business and still succeed with your marketing! You simply need to adapt your marketing strategy. Perhaps you need to find new spaces for your marketing or update your approach. 

Keep this in mind if you want to do a brand refresh or even a complete rebranding. In fact, just like plants can thrive in a new environment, your business can thrive with new branding!

Need help updating your branding? Book a discovery call with us today!

Megan: If at First, You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again!

Megan recently confirmed that she is the proud owner of a golden pothos plant….and it’s still alive! Previously, our Design Slayer had tried to grow strawberries. However, the squirrels kept stealing them! Nothing, not even chicken wire, could stop them. So, she changed her strategy and opted for an indoor plant.

If you’re struggling to be heard among the competition (ahem, squirrels), maybe you need to change your approach! Have you thought about including more visuals in your marketing content? Or perhaps, there’s an untapped platform like Pinterest that would work well for you! 

The important lesson is to never give up. Once you find your groove, as Megan did, you’re sure to thrive.

Tell us what you’re struggling with when it comes to your marketing and we’ll brainstorm with you in the comments below! 

Finally, like a plant growing in good soil and receiving the right amount of sun and water, marketing done well will grow and produce flowers and fruits! Remember, if you need help finding the perfect care for your marketing needs, our team of green thumbs is here to help.

Just to give you an idea of the growth we can help you achieve, take a look at some REAL stats from our clients:

  • Hometown Dental increased engagement on Facebook and Instagram by almost 800%

  • They also grew their followers by 165%

  • Paradis Valley Honey increased their impressions on Facebook and Instagram by 143% 

  • They also increased their NEW website users by 85%

  • Austen Jewellers boosted their engagement on Facebook and Instagram by 175%

  • In ‘n Out’s website revamp (done by The Art of B) resulted in a traffic increase of 3000%

Those are only a few of our many success stories!

If we can do this for others…just imagine what we can do for you. Book a discovery call with us today!