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Why Choose Calgary for Your Business Venture?

Guest Post Written By Tina Martin

Whether you’re someone with a new business idea or want to relocate and take your business to the next level, choosing the right location is a must. For Canadian business owners, Calgary is an obvious choice, and The Art of Business is a local marketing agency in Calgary and is here to help you get settled in and GROW. Schedule a consultation with The Art of Business for your business and marketing essentials!


The Cost of Living in Calgary Is Low

The cost of living in the city is relatively low, meaning it’s easy to find rentals in Calgary that passionate young professionals can afford and would want to live in. If you’re going to relocate to a city or try to run a business, you want to make sure you and your employees can have a good quality of life. Home purchase assistance is available for first-time buyers to help them move to, or stay in, the city. There are also a variety of green home grants to help homeowners make their properties more energy-efficient.


Calgary Is a Green City

Calgary’s government is committed to sustainability. Its green initiatives improve the quality of life for residents and mean businesses are supported as they plan for the future. Innovative, green companies are welcomed in the city.


There’s a Strong Community of Entrepreneurs

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s easy to find networking events for small business owners in Calgary. The strong community makes it easy to attend local Meetups and find support, encouragement, and new ideas. 


The Culture Is Fun

There are many things to see and do in Calgary, so it’s easy to take a break from the business. This reduces the risk of burnout and means you and your team can stay motivated more easily. Some highlights of the city include:

  • Exploring Calgary Zoo

  • Touring the Glenbow Museum

  • Climbing the Calgary Tower


Education Standards Are High

If you want high-quality staff, then being located in an area with quality graduates is a good move. Highly motivated and well-trained employees are an asset to any business. Colleges run regular job fairs to help local businesses find talent, and their students find jobs when they graduate. There are several top-rated colleges in Calgary, including:

  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

  • University of Calgary

  • Bow Valley College


Starting a Business Is Affordable

Forming a business in Calgary is relatively easy, and while there are annual registration fees, they start as low as $52. Working with a formation service can make setting up a business easy, but the government provides a lot of information about the registration requirements for businesses, so the process is quite user-friendly.


There Are Grants to Help You Grow Your Business

Small business owners who are looking to grow and expand may be able to take advantage of a wide variety of grants for Calgary businesses. There are numerous organizations offering grants to support businesses going through difficult times post-COVID or looking to innovate and grow.


Choose Calgary If You’re an Entrepreneur

Calgary is a good place to live, with a fun culture and a low cost of living. It offers many perks for business owners, too, including lots of highly motivated graduates and many financial perks. These benefits make the city a logical choice for anyone hoping to start, or grow, a business.